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Created as a charity to provide support to individuals afflicted by potentially blinding vision disorders, Brandan’s Eye Research Foundation was named after Brandan Cescolini, who suffered from bilateral cataracts and is continually at risk of going blind from glaucoma.

Founded on November 4, 2003, the organization through its fundraising activities has raised over $2.5 million and continues to play a vital role in supporting the clinical care and the research activities of the doctors who provide treatment.

An example of this is Brandan’s Eye Research Foundation's relationship with the Division of Ophthalmology at SickKids. In many instances, in order to receive external funding, researchers need to accumulate large amounts of evidence to prove the validity of a potential study. Obtaining that data is often prohibitively expensive.

Brandan’s Eye Research Foundation provides key support for early-stage, innovative research to give hope to those at risk of sight loss.

Unfortunately Doctors do not have Cures for all Eye Diseases.

Investing in research is crucial to help advance medicine .

Our Mission

To raise funds in support of research projects that lead to a better understanding of why eye diseases occur and how best to treat them. The research is conducted in Toronto at The Hospital for Sick Children.  The results are published in international medical journals where eye doctors from all over the world can read and change their practice patterns and research strategies which will greatly benefit children in the hopes of eradicating blindness permanently.


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Brandan's Eye Research Foundation

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